Thursday, January 12, 2012

25 Things I Love

Just going through my photo's today. I could have put up 100 things that I love but for now, I'll stick to 25.

1. Weddings
2. Rain
3. My Family
4. Being an Orem Tiger
5. Random days to cook Belgian Waffles
6. To Dance
7. Out of control, frizz-ball hair
8. No Braces!
9. Spending time with dear friends
10. Tie-dye shirts
11. Waffle parties

12. Belgium

13. Being a Cougarette
14. Plaid Day
15. Concerts

16. Being an Aunt

17. Riding Rollercoasters

18. BYU

19. Sleeping

20. Beautiful Days with FERRIS WHEELS!

21. Doing things impulsively. Like running the Dirty Dash.

22. When best friends get their fairy tale endings

23. Dressing up, even when it may not be cool

24. The temple, the gospel, my Savior

25. Matching shirts


  1. I wonder if Center Stage has any idea that they produced the best of friends instead of just dancers.

  2. AAAH these are all such great pictures!I especially enjoy when you dress up! Maybe your next post could be the wonders of Sarah's high school outfits...the world must know.

  3. I love you. With all of my heart!

  4. Beck I did do a high school photo post! haha It was quite funny.