Friday, March 23, 2012

Midnight Movies

Midnight movies what a treat.

Harry Potter 6 - Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione and Ron
This midnight showing was just before we were going to go into our Freshman year of college
Kung Fu Panda 2
Our best ninja moves
It was a terrible movie but we had a great time. Obviously
Harry Potter 7
We couldn't believe it was all over
yep, there was a golden snitch
Luckily we snapped a photo with him before we flew away again
The Vow with the ladies
Breaking Dawn
Hunger Games

All ready to go in our sweet shirts from Rue 21
I don't have a picture of my memory of going to Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight saga for those of you who don't know, but it was so funny. Jill and I didn't have tickets for the 12 o'clock showing so we bought some for 3:15. We had 7 am practice with the Cougs later that same morning but went anyway. We took a cat nap (the BEST thing I've ever discovered in regards to staying up for movies) and then woke up and left. When the movie got out at 6 we just headed on over to Magleby's fresh and got ourselves some omelets. The after affects were terrible, but we had a great time.

There is a popular phrase, roughly put, "memories are made around the dinner table". Okay maybe I made that up slightly but I really feel like I've heard that before. Anyway. My personal philosophy is that some of the best memories are made at midnight movies.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nice words to live by

If thou derive thy light from Heaven,
Then, to the measure of that heaven-born light,
Shine, Poet! in they place, and be content:--
The stars pre-eminent in magnitude,
And they that from the zenith dart their beams,
(Visible though they be to half the earth,
Though half a sphere be conscious of their
Are yet of no diviner origin,
No purer essence, than the one that burns,
Like an untended watch-fire, on the ridge
Of some dark mountain: or than those which seem
Humbly to hang, like twinkling winter lamps,
Among the branches of the leafless trees;
All are the undying offspring of one Sire:
Then, to the measure of the light vouchsafed,
Shine, Poet! in thy place and be content.

William Wordsworth

- Matthew 5:16

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding for Ryan and Michelle

Congratulations to the newly married Ryan and Michelle Cope!! 
 Oh don't you just love a good wedding? I really do. Everyone is so happy, the food is great and it is always fun to spend time with amazing friends.

Photo courtesy of Facebook. Alix Loosle Photography

The dashing groomsmen
May 1. Can't wait for these two to have their special day!
Johnathon Melville everybody
We really struggled to find a place to take a dang picture
Yes, ladies. We found a spot.
Things started to get.. interesting..
Em + Conner
Not gonna lie, we brought the party :)
We had a good time
Cleaning up was really too much fun

Johnny and Cade

Possibly the weirdest photo we tried to take all night

Ryan is about to go crazy on us



Not exactly the flower, but hey we'll take it
Now I'm lounging on the couch watching Notting Hill with Emily totally satisfied with the great night I've just had. 

Like I said, it was a good time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The friend I can count on for life

Today is my sister's birthday!!

Krissa, I love you. I'm so grateful for you and everything you do for me. I hope today has been wonderful :)
Big Sisters are always there when we need them. We can tell them our secrets, and trust that they'll keep them. They've been through what we're going through, and give great advice when we need it most. A Big sister is a friend we can count on for life. 

Krissa always picks me up when I'm feeling down. When I'm sad or stressed I like spending time with her, things are better when she's around. She also has this great gift of knowing exactly the right time to call or text me. It must be a sister thing.
She is an amazing example. She teaches me about the gospel.. And lets me help bake cakes with her for her primary class :)
I'm never bored when I'm with her
She always spends time with her family. Even when it is 1 billion degrees in Disneyland.
She is beautiful! Growing up I wanted to be exactly like my sister. I wanted to dress the way she did, look like her, have her hair, wear the same jewelry. She is someone I have always aspired to be like and still do. Also, she comes to everything. If I have a performance I know she'll be there.
I don't know what I more I can say other than I love you sister!
Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Music

Sam and Jesse told me that Andrew Belle came out with some new stuff this week. They have excellent taste in music so I went and listened. Shortly after previewing each song, I bought the album. Thanks Sam and Jess!

The Daylight

All Those Pretty Lights