Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another dance post. too bad :)

In the midst of all the crazy that has been going on the past two weeks, I have misplaced my journal. It has fallen into some unknown abyss or a black hole in my room or car. (If it is in my car, I have no hope of ever seeing it again) This has been quite annoying. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a new one but I don't have the heart to write in it yet because my other one isn't finished. This is causing a weird internal battle with myself which is why I have found myself here today. I just wanted a place to write down my thoughts about this last weekend, glue in a picture or two and maybe get teary eyed.


This last weekend was most likely the last time I performed in a concert setting with the Cougarettes. It was bittersweet and hard, but really satisfying. One day in the very near future all I am going to be is a name on a costume. Future cougs will have no idea who I am or what I sacrificed to get my name on that dang tag. It's not fun to think about, no one wants to feel forgotten. But I wont forget. Being on Cougarettes I've learned that this short journey was more about becoming a better dancer, friend, daughter, leader and member of the church than it was about cheering at games. It was about figuring out who I was more fully and gaining a deeper love and testimony of the gospel. I learned that for me, dancing is living. To sum up how I feel, because I know my words won't do my thoughts justice, is a quote that Megan gave to us in our devotional Saturday night before the last show. 

"Back before time began, God developed a plan. He would create us, and we would worship Him. Psalm 149:3 tells us, "Let them praise his name with dancing." And so it is with the Divine Dance. Before you are ever ready to dance for the Lord with the world watching, you must dance for the Lord's eyes alone. As you stand in the middle of God's classroom and wait for the music to start, He gives you only one command: "Worship me." He leaves you the freedom to let your creative juices flow. Don't be afraid to be bold; God made you. You don't need to impress Him, because He knows your heart. But He also knows your capabilities, so dance with all your might. As you dance from your soul for the God who created you, you will be consumed with the spirit. At last your heart will begin to beat with God's heart. You will hear a song written just for you, and you will dance the dance you have wanted to dance your whole life. He is the ever-patient teacher. With each graceful movement you take toward God, you will find the dance becomes easier. Using your own gifts to serve God will give you a sense of purpose. So if I can offer you a piece of advice as you lace up your dancing shoes, let it be this: Dance unashamed. Rise up and shout that you are the beloved of God and that you are here to proclaim His name. Don't be quiet about it, and don't be timid. Praise His name with dancing. Give Him all the glory, and enjoy the performance--God will certainly enjoy it! As you dance, you will face hard times and tough practices but have fun. Let the music flow through you. Then, when you are ready, God will open the doors and lead you to the stage, where the world will be able to watch. What they see will amaze them, just as it amazed you when you caught your first glimpse of yourself dancing the Divine Dance. The woman who dances only for God will be different. She will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. She will be bold and daring, gentle and caring--all at the same time. She will be you, but she will be more than you. She will be God in you--for the entire world to see."

Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to dance for 3 years with some of the greatest girls I have ever met

Freshman Year

Homecoming Parade
2010 National Champions
Gotta love being a Freshman
see? we've always been so darn cute


Dance Captains 2010-2011

 Sophomore Year

New Year, New Team

Football Season

Traveling to football games

2nd years
Our mothers are very proud of us
2011 National Hip Hop Champions

Dance Captains 2011-2012
Junior Year

Round 3

3rd years

Sami Jo
Concert 2012
Meet the Cougarettes :)

 I can't wait to kick some booty in Daytona Beach and Prague with these beautiful girls

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